Field Work

Field Work

Members can join us on our on-going excavation, run by the Field Unit, open weekends from April till November. There are plenty of different aspects of archaeology in which you can get involved with: excavating, sieving, finds-processing, finds illustrations, all under guidance from members of the Field Unit, or you could sign up for a training week (here)

As a Field Unit we also undertake watching briefs, geophysics, and surveying and excavation of other sites. We also help monitor the Thames Foreshore with the Thames Discovery Program and take part in other community digs and events.

During our latest ‘Watching Brief’ on a Victorian building, the builder uncovered what appeared at first to be a sump. On further inspection it is a well. It measures approx. 37 feet deep and has a diameter of about 3 feet. The capping from the well is contemporary with the Victorian building, at the same time a lead pipe has been inserted into the water and heads towards the kitchen of the building, where the water would have been pumped using a hand pump. The rest of the well is much older and is contemporary with the ‘big house’ just down the road so has probably been reused from then. Interestingly there is no mention of the well in any maps. The well has been recorded and is waiting to see what the building inspector has to say about it.

Early stages in the trench

Opening a new trench on site