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Palmer Road

Palmar Road

19 Palmar Road by Simon Carter

I have found out that where my house was built the land was part of the Hall Place Estate.  I have found records dating from 1790 when Hall Place was owned by Sir Francis Dashwood (15th Baron le Despenser).  He was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1762-1763 and founder of the infamous Hellfire Club.

The land where my house was built was mainly farmland and was formed part of the Longlane Farm.  I have found records that Sir Francis Dashwood rented out the land from 1790 to tenant John Wyburn.  Longlane Farm consisted of 47 acres and John Wyburn also owned Warren Farm with 167 acres and he paid a combined rent of £334 a year.

Longlane Farm was taken over by Anthony Flicker around October 1808 and was paying rent of £28 every six months.  Anthony Flicker held onto the farm until March 1817 when the occupier was a William Tinker.

On 1st December 1813 Lord Lauderdale, who held Power of Attorney, for Francis Dashwood granted Anthony Flicker a 16 year lease on the entire 47 acres for a rent of £180 12s 0d per annum.  This was a great deal more than the official valuation, which remained at £57 until 1822, when it actually fell to £42 per year.  Between March 1817 and March 1818 William Ticker occupied the property but Anthony Flicker returned later that year.  In 1829 Longlane Farm was surveyed and found to include a farmhouse of brick, board and tiles, a wooden barn with a thatched roof, with brick and stone underpinning, two bays and a threshing floor, a wooden stable, outhouse and wagon shed, all thatched and a brick and tile cottage.  The farmhouse was in a tolerable state of repair but the boarding and underpinning of the outbuildings were in a poor condition.  The compact little estate grew wheat, oats, potatoes and garden produce.

Anthony Flicker continued to rent out the farm from Francis Dashwood Jnr until December 1851 when at that time he was paying a six monthly rent of £91 0s 0d.  The farm was then taken over by John and William Flicker who managed the farm until 1877 when Maitland Dashwood took it into his own hands.  Maitland Dashwood continued ownership until May 1884 when a William Sheldon then took over the property.  He continued renting it until May 1890 when Martha Sheldon took over the tenancy.  The rent was still £91 0s 0d every six months.  This was then taken over in October 1894 where the owner is still showing as Francis Dashwood was re-tenanted to William and George Sheldon and they continued up to November 1900.  The rent showing at that time was still the same.


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